Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Folk Art Museum

File:Mrs. Nancy Lawson.jpg
I experienced a most wonderful chilly April afternoon in New York city with my daughter and sister in law. After indulging in a most delcious hotdog, we trekked to the American Folk Art Musuem as the blustery wind whipped at our hair. I have  been wanting to see this museum for a  long time. I have to admit to being almost weak in the knees when I discovered that my favorite folk art painter, William Matthew Prior's portraits were featured on the walls of the museum. It is one thing to see the images on the internet and a completely different one to be only inches away. It is amazing in it's simple details, how much is conveyed. The above image is found on www.wikipedia.com and was also featured at the museum. It was a perfect day for three gals enjoying a chilly spring afternoon.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Planting Pansies

It is April Fools Day today. I hope  I wasn't too foolish for planting some gorgeous red and yellow Pansies in pots and set them outdoors. This weekend found my family and I at a nearby gardening shoppe. I am so eager for signs of Spring.  Pansies are perfect petite promises of springtime pleasure. I am not convinced of spring's permanency at the moment, so the Pansies might find themselves relocated in the garage to bed during the cold nights that are still with us.  The peepers are chattering so I know Spring is here at least during the daytime.

Pansy photo courtesy of www.leapingfrogdesigns.com