Thursday, June 6, 2013

Plan B Doll

Introducing "Lady Chatterly." Lady Chatterly is my doll that I have made for the Maida Attic Discovery Doll challenge. Lots of beautiful dolls were created for this challenge. I oohed and aahed over the gorgeous carved wooden dolls, wishing one day to find the "umph" that I need to find a block of wood and "have at it." Anyhow, I am not at that point yet. How does one satisfy the need to have their own eighteenth century style doll when one is afraid of the blade? Fabric. That is what I am comfortable with, so I decided to go for Plan B. I designed a cloth doll with an early wooden style doll in mind. "Ta da" Lady Chatterly is reminiscent of the Tuck Comb Dolls of the early 1800's and dressed in a Regency style silk(yes, only the best for this Lady)dress. I am pleased to have introduced her to the talented people in our dolls group.
As you can see she is a Lady of fine taste. Just look at that expression, make sure you are on your best behavior, mind your manners, as she has quite a discerning taste. Don't tell her any secrets, or she might just spill the beans.