Saturday, May 18, 2013

Something New

Introducing my newest creation, a little softie doll. This is definately different from the primitive folk dolls that I usually make. I loved the fabric and have been looking up pictures of simple dolls and this is what turned and churned in my thoughts. Wouldn't she make a perfect for a small sweet little girl to hold onto? I am hoping to make more and put them on Etsy to sell.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beloved Butterflies

Last Friday my family and I visited the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in Deerfield Massachussetts. I was impressed with the charming habitat the butterflies call home. Upon entering their warm sanctuary, we were greeted by a green leafy canopy and hundreds of fluttering butterflies that welcomed us there.  Some were small, some large, some stripped, some were dotted.Some were perched upon comfy green leaves, upside down, some right side up. Some were hungrily sipping nectar from pretty flowers and nectar feeders.  Others were content to just flutter and fly about on a whimsical tour of their world while flying past onlookers and foliage. Their simple joy in such a lovely day was contagious to all who were there.

Such a happy day!