Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20, 2013

Finally Finished!! I started a doll challenge in September for the Maida Dolls Group  that I belong to.  It was to make a Columbian style Doll. I made mine using Connie Tognali's 19 inch  Columbian Doll pattern.Connie's pattern was very detailed and had many steps.  She worked very hard at putting this pattern together I am sure glad that she did. I reduced my doll pattern by about fifty percent.I wanted a small doll. I guess you can say I am slow in the creative process as it is mid February and I just finished her. I have a habit of starting more than one creative project at a time and some of my projects stand on the sidelines and wait patiently for me to pick them up again and continue onwards and upwards towards the finish line.Thankfully little Charlotte(a wee 11inches long and painted with akyd oils)was patient with me while we enjoyed this journey.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

Good Sunny Morning~
It has been four days since we have been blanketed in a more than generous amount of snow.  It hasn't been since I was just a little girl that I have seen so much snow all at the same time.  Thinking about it amazes me how in a spell of 24hours so much can change from grey green grass to thick cold white snow.  Clearing it all away was a challenge, not only for us, but for all.  Thankfully today, the ebb and flow of our daily round is back to normal.  Our white world shines in the rays of sun wishing and wanting bits of warmth to melt the cold away.
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