Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spun Cotton Halloween Cat Ornament

Introducing "Jester," "The Halloween Cat."
He stands so very proud in his Halloween costume. He is ready for a night of fun. He already has picked a pumpkin for Halloween and is ready to be a decoration for someone this Halloween season.
Jester is available for adoption on my Etsy shop.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Ode To My Dad

How can one say goodbye to a piece of their heart? A part of that heart that beat next to yours for so many years? How can I let go of those large, work worn hands that could fix even the unfixable? Those same hands would gently pluck a seed of hope for the following growing season, planting promises of beautiful things to come. His loud voice  would proudly recite a beautiful verse of inspiration. In my mind I can hear it. It is still there, carrying it's message thru the window of my soul.

I reach out my hand, and his hand is not there. My hands rest by my side alone. Though my hand does not have his, my heart contains "Him", All of him. Joy, Love, Peace, Poems, Promises and an ache that is right now,  painful. I will walk thru the journey to healing my broken heart, but will never forget you.

Dad, you will be missed. You led a simple life in a complicated world which provided comfort to so many.

This Poem I wrote for You, Dad:

An Ode To My Dad~

There was an old man
by an old gate
standing within his garden.
He had worn pants and rusty tools,
A simple life was his life's rule.
Work hard and pray.
May the Good Lord Bless You
He would confidently say.
He was happy to give
and gracious to share
to him all was worthy
of his tender care.
The sun rose at dawn
with him on his knees
tending to flowers whose petals
did please.
The sun set at dusk
with him on his knees,
May the Good Lord Bless
all his good deeds.

Written with Love,
by your daughter, Lina