Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cotton Batting Old World Style Father Christmas Ornament

I absolutely love looking at vintage images of Victorian style" Father Christmas' ". These are the Santas who are dressed in a glorious long robe and are usually quite trim. There are many faces of Santa and all are special. As a child I loved the chubby red cheeked image that conjured up memories of good cheer.
Now, as I am older, and appreciate the beauty of vintage images and Victorian traditions, I find myself delighted  with " Father Christmas" image. How could I, being one who likes to create things, pass up on the opportunity to create my version of "Father Christmas?"

Here he is my " Old World Style Father Christmas" aka" Santa."

He is ready and available to ring in the upcoming holidays which are not so far away. He can be found on my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Etsy Friends

It has been several month since I opened up my Etsy Shop. I, like most fellow artisians, crafters, and Etsy-ers  have been happily creating with the hopes of creating a charming cyber shop thru the fruits of our hands and hearts. Recently I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting another fellow Etsy shop owner who has been such a help to me in giving me helpful tips and advice. Of course I just had to window shop in her store. She has so many lovely items that are really quite charming. She has the most adorable bunnies that any child would happily cuddle up with on a cold winter's night and find comfort in this cuddly bunnies soft embrace. I am pleased to share the link to her fine shop below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moving Forward, Speaking Out

Ehrliciosis: That is what the icu intensive care team of doctors told us  what caused an other wise healthy 79 year old gardener to become so incredibly ill. A week prior to being in icu, My Dad was climbing ladders pruning peach trees, hoeing a very substantial garden and tenderly taking care of his beloved flower gardens. Than all came to a frightful halt. Dad was sick, but with what?  It appeared he had a heart attack, hmm, strange from such a physically fit male. Then, a day later, a fever from an unknown cause. Questions???? You don't get a fever from a heart attack. His kidneys failed, liver failed and now he was on life support hooked to more beeping machines to keep his body living. Many doctor's worked to find the cause of what was making his body shut down so quickly. Finally after many blood tests, it was discovered he had Ehrliciosis. My first question was: What is that??  A disease from tick bite. This is a more common out west, not too common in the northeast, especially in our area. This was the evil villain who took my Dad's life after one week.
Since this happened to us, and so little is known in our area, we have wanted to share our story with hopes to make people aware of the dangers of tick borne illnesses. My Daughter is writing a simple book to share with her school about this. It is her way of reaching out and finding comfort in our loss. My mother and sister are sharing this information with all we see with the hopes of protecting others from this devastating tick borne illness.
Here is a link where to find more information about this:

Our area where we live, has a very small ratio of illness on the cdc map demographics, but it can still happen.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Victorian Paper Doll Christmas Ornament: Winter Girl Christmas Ornament

Annabelle woke to the delicious smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven. Mama must have been up early preparing for this afternoon's teatime celebration. Annabelle stretches and yawns and looks out the six paned glass window and sees Autumn's first wispy snowflakes begin to fall from the slate gray sky above. Quickly, she dresses and puts on her warm bonnet, cloak, hand muff
and skirts and skips down the stairs. She grabs a slice of pumpkin bread, kisses her mother on the cheek and runs out the door eager to celebrate Autumn's first snowfall.

Annabelle is a sweet 6” Victorian Paper Doll Ornament made from a Victorian/Edwardian clip art image. She is dressed in a silk and satin bonnet. She wears a layered crepe paper skirt with a Victorian netting underskirt. Her skirt is edged in moss green satin ribbon and glittered in gold. Her winter muffler is made of cotton batting and trimmed with moss green ribbon and edged with gold glitter trim.
The buttons on her winter cloak are from Gold Dresden and faux antique coloured pearl adhesives.

Annabelle has a gold thread loop for hanging.
Annabelle can be found on my Etsy shop link below:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pink Victorian Paper Doll Christmas Ornament

Who doesn't love the color pink?? Ever since I was a little girl, I remember being surrounded and embraced by the color pink. I still to this day, find pink a most precious memory of days gone by. My newest Etsy creation celebrates the feminine color of pink- yes, even in Christmas. Remember the Victorian era? 
Here is her story. I am so inspired by her Victorian charm that it led me to this tale:

Tucked within the paneled glass china cabinet, and sitting among chipped heirloom teacups, sits a most splendid Pretty Pink Victorian Paper Christmas Ornament. She has resided there for many years. She has graciously watched the ebb and flow of seasons gone by and has been beautifully preserved amongst the antique China ware for which she shares her days with. She has so many stories to  share of timeless traditions of olde days gone by. She is waiting patiently for the china cabinet door to open and the teacups to be moved so she can be held by a new generation of people waiting to share their tales with her.

You can find her by visiting my Etsy shop.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Witch Paper Doll Ornament

This sweet little witch has been waiting patiently to be introduced. She is created from a copy of a vintage Frances Brudage clip art image. She has a story tell as to why her dear kitty needs a bit of TLC from this darling little witch. Here is her tale

"Things That Go Meow in the Night."
What is frightening this dear kitty? It is Halloween. Maybe she sees her shadow across the wall in the light of a full moon. It is okay. Kitty has a sweet friend to scoop her up and ease all her fears away.
No need to worry when you have someone so dedicated and true to her kitty's meow of worry on Halloween. Underneath the black hat and brightly colored skirt is her darling companion who tends to her every purr and meow.

This little darling is available on my Etsy shop. She is just perfect for livening the upcoming season of fright and delight.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Victorian Christmas Paper Doll Ornament in Red and Gold

For me, it is never to early to create Christmas ornaments. Though it is not even Halloween, I find my imagination wanting to play in red and gold, perfect Christmas colors.
Introducing my Victorian Christmas Paper Doll Ornament. Isn't she a sweetie? She is  offered on my Etsy shop.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spun Cotton Halloween Pumpkin Head Ornament


Introducing, "Peter Pumpkin Head." Peter is proud to be a pumpkin! Look at how colorful he is! He is ready for Autumn and Halloween. Who can resist such a colorful character? I do hope he will find lots of goodies to enjoy. Peter Pumpkin Head is my newest Etsy creation and can be found on the link below to my shop. Happy Looking:)