Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23,2013

 Once upon a rose....
These past few days finds my senses delighting  in all things roses. Rose drawer liners. rose potpourri, rose images, paper and silk roses.  It may be the cold weather, the anticipation of Valentine's day, the delicacy of something so intricate and delicate as only a rose can portray.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying it's fragrant companionship as cold winds blow and bellow among the barren wintry fields covered in a thin icy layer of snow. I bend my head low as if in prayer and inhale it's alluring scent-simply divine.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 2013

Winter Days~
January stands in a silence of snow.  All is still and quiet, too cold to move and play. It is as if one is frozen in thought and time.  The trees stand so poignant and brave like soldiers ready for duty. Sounds are muted in a thick white glaze of snow and ice and the wind plays tag with the lonesome call of all "winged things." If one is quiet, you can hear the pesistant peck of a woodpecker knocking on the door of a tree. It is as if it says, let me in. We will weather this season together.

I, in my own way love the sweet soulfoulness of a cold winter's day. The holidays are over, the rush is a distant memory, and now the time has come to reflect in the vastness of white.  I love the joys one can  admire in all that is white and gray-there is a quiet contemplative beauty that only a cold winter day can bring. It is here for the taking.  Enjoy your winter day~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, 2013!
It is such a joy to wake up to the endless possibilities of a New Year. My thoughts engage in all my aspirations for the 12 months that lie ahead of me. I don't really like talking of resolutions as they are so hard to keep for more than a mere few days. I don't like the disappointment that it can bring.  I do like to think of skills, goals, and dreams that I would like to try and  fulfill. I do have many and pray for the time and courage to see them thru-
These are some of my goals:
To paint a portrait in the Early American Folk Art style
To open up an Etsy account to sell some of my handiwork
To finish some unfinished projects
The courage to be me in my art and in all things.
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