Saturday, April 25, 2015

Patriotic Queen Anne Clothespin Doll

The fair month of may is just a few sunrises and gentle breezes away. Spring is meandering by, though there still is a nip of a chill in the air that continues to hold on tightly here in my neck of the woods.

Two summer holidays(Memorial Day and the Fourth of July)inspired me to create this darling doll with a bit of patriotism in mind. I have named her, "Miss Liberty."

She is a wooden Queen Anne Style Clothespin doll that I made. Her wooden hands/arms are gently shaped. Her nose is made of lightly sculpted clay. Her hair is made of flax. You can see it tucked neatly inside her lace bonnet. Her face is painted in acrylics and antiqued for an aged look. She wears a very patriotic attire as she is so proud of this very special holiday along with the Fourth of July.

Isn't she a dandy?

She is up for adoption.